Interceptor Entertainment?



I was wondering if this is the new Interceptor Entertainment website?
The old one has just said ‘Under Construction’ for almost a year now.

This is Dave3d/David H.
(no longer with Symantec, so if there was a switch over I wouldnt get an email about it).

Yep, finally got the IE site to give me something other than ‘Under Construction’ and it goes here when clicking on forums.


Nah, they’ve just been very busy with their next game. Their new site also recently launched. Stay tuned for more announcements soon :slight_smile:


Well, when you click ‘Forum’ link on their website, it takes you here.

I know you and they have another game in the pipeline, as I follow Fred on Facebook.

(I am Dave3d, from the initial Duke Nukem : Reloaded project. Although, I was working for Symantec (Norton) at the time, and I dont know code from a horses arse, I did the QA for the team when I could, and wrote the QA test cases) .