HUD options

So, I’ve put a little time with the game so far.
And the one thing that stands out to me… the HUD.

And sadly, it doesn’t stand out in a great way. It feels overly crowded, and a bit cluttered.
Are there any plans for additional options in the game to possibly adjust the HUD position, size or even the items displayed on the HUD?

Like, the Mission Objectives. It’s nice that they appear on the screen so you know what you need to do, but they don’t need to stay on the screen the entire time.
It just covers up that corner of the screen, making enemies harder to spot.

Just curious if this is something the team has any thoughts or plans on looking into or not.


Sounds like a good idea. Either a hud scaling option, or individual hud elements on/off option.

A nice option, but not exactly what I’m getting at.
I don’t want the HUD removed entirely.

I would like the options to adjust it’s size, possibly position it closer the to edges of the screen… and maybe fade out stuff like the Mission Objectives or mini map.

Yeah, keep the HUD, just enable some elements to be blocked, moved or even non-display.
I am a beginner at this top down view, and the bottom left the map shows the enemies when I don’t see them at my screen, thus I can eliminate them, ruthlessly. The others HUD elements are see through, so not an issue right now, but once I am better at this, I don’t need to see minor missions statements, or other items. The game looks very good visually and it would be great to enjoy it in full sort of speak.

Maybe a Mission Objectives screen could be added to Shelly’s arm display thing (the menu you use to upgrade weapons). It may be easier just to assign a toggle button, though.

EDIT: I see the missions already exist on the arm display under “Quests.”

So pretty much what I just said

My post was in reply to FunDuke, not yours. :smile: