Hope has returned

I remember back when the first screenshots of Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded hit the net. I was excited and immediately hit the forums. I donated and followed everyday. I was one of many who were devastated when the project was shut down. Then Rise of the Triad was announced. I was hopeful. I did enjoy the game but it wasn’t quite what I expected. Then Bombshell. I was greatly disappointed. I had begun to lose hope in Interceptor until I saw a picture for Rad Rodgers on the website. Then Facebook notified me of it’s Early Access. I admit I was prepared for the worst. Instead I find that I greatly enjoy this game. It doesn’t just remind me of the Good Old Days, it builds on it. I am actually excited for further updates. I hope that Interceptor continues to build this game up to what it could be. Thank you for rekindling the hope I have in this company.

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i think it not come back, so many game will be returt