Happy 25th Birthday to Monster Bash!


Monster Bash turns 25 years old today. I wrote about it, as I tend to do. :slight_smile:



Oh wow, so we are celebrating silver anniversary.


I remember that when for the first time played in demo version, I was quite surprised with, well, unusual style of game. On the one hand, we had as main character some little boy in pajama, on the other - all those zombies, blood, skulls… And despite that - all this “gore” seemed to be… Not very serious?

Yeah, it’s in my “private ranking” definitelly one of the most memorable Apogee’s platform games. But a bit too hard for me back then (at least comparing to such games as Duke Nukem 1/2 or Bio Menace.


People today keep trying to make new platform games, but they’ll never match the creativity and ingenuity of Monster Bash, Cosmo, Bio Menace and others from Apogee/3dRealms. They provided unmatched gameplay with 1/10th the space of the dull, greedy games of today. An exception might be the Super Granny series. I still play Monster Bash and still love it, in spite of those damnable blue sneakers that kick you to where you don’t want to be. Just wish there were some new platformers like the ones from the early 90’s. Happy 25th Birthday Monster Bash! :sparkler: