Guys....... What's Techno Cop?


I searched and didn’t see another thread about this, but I noticed that this title was listed on the back of the shirts that some 3D Realms booth reps were wearing at Gamescope this year.

I assume it’s a game that’s still in very early stage development, but, compared to the others which have seen a launch in some form following that event (ZiQ, Graveball, etc.) it’s the only title for which nothing else has been shown or even said about it at all yet.
The cat’s been out of the bag for a little while now, so obviously there’s some curiosity.
So, what’s it about? Who’s developing it? Is there a premise? Who’s the protagonist?
What style/genre of game will it be?
Is it in any way related to the classic Amiga title of the same name?

If it’s too early to answer any of this, I understand. I just thought I’d ask since it didn’t seem anyone else here had yet.