Greetings From BoundlessHalo!


Hello there. I’m your newest member, BoundlessHalo; however, you can call me Alex.

I’m pretty new to the… realm of 3DRealms games (having only played Duke Nukem 3D, Duke Nukem Forever, and Shadow Warrior), but I don’t think that matters too much.

Anywho, I should be getting a PlayStation 3 soon (with my account, PutYourHornsUp97, already existing due to me owning a PlayStation 4 in the past), so why not add me on PSN for some Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer at some point? I would own the game on PC, but this thing’s only really good enough for emulation (something I really need to fix).

So now that that’s been said, how are you guys n’ gals doing?


I hope you’re planning to play more than DNF on the ps3. Plus ps3 has free online play, which ps plus is not required for.

DNF does not have any MP trophies, and the MP itself has been dead for some time.


I generally stick to singleplayer games, but there are some multiplayer games besides Duke Nukem Forever that are worth playing.

I’m big into the Quake era of shooters, so not much to choose from these days.


Going back to Duke3D, have you considered buying the World Tour edition on ps4?

I mainly stick to single player, but will play multiplayer from time to time


I honestly don’t buy games digitally unless I really need them and have no way of buying them physically. Unfortunately, physical copies of World Tour are only available in the U.S. and are likely region blocked in Canada.

As I can buy Duke Nukem 3D physically, is it still possible to play Duke Match on that?


3D Realms doesn’t control Duke Nukem anymore, you’d need to talk to Gearbox about that request.

As for don’t buy games digitally, better get used to it. That’s the way it’s headed for sure. Ultimately everything will end up there except special editions and the like.


I don’t really have to get used to it as I’m only ever really interested in one new game every other year. For the most part, I stick to older releases as those are the games I enjoy the most.

If games stop being sold physically? I’ll just stop buying new releases as I’m against restrictions.

Just like I don’t support games with DRM or microtransactions, I won’t support games that you can’t even get a refund on (on console).


This is just… kinda stoopid. It’s not gonna make DRM or micro-transactions go away, but hey if you wanna be crazy and miss out on awesome games, go for it.


Of course it won’t make it go away, Nukkus; however, this isn’t about trying to take down companies which partake in such behavior.

I have standards when it comes to the games I play, so of course I’m not going to purchase something that aims to screw me over (regardless of that product’s other qualities.) If I’m going to give $80.00 (CAD) to anyone, their game has to be made with love and care instead of the desire to control what you can/can’t do while milking you financially dry.

DOOM, Wolfenstein, The Witcher, etc. are games that were made with passion; not greed. The effort put into story and gameplay in those games are miles ahead of nearly every single game that has adopted/started out with the “control and milk the consumer” mentality.

It’s great that you can enjoy games that have to be played online, have reward structures based on RNG and real-world currency, etc. as you’re enjoying yourself which is what games are designed to do; however, those things only hurt the experience for me.

I’ve never been the type to stop playing a game strictly because it’s old as there are many older games that are still blasts to play to this day (Half-Life 2, for example, is one of the best shooters I’ve ever played and I still pick it up every now-and-then to this very day.) Because of this, DRM prevents me from continuing to enjoy games once the developers decide that I’m no longer allowed to play them.

Microtransactions are great if you’re busy and just want cool items and such, but microtransactions kill more rewarding systems where certain items are only able to be obtained through hard work. Games where you can only get the best armor by beating a near unbeatable boss no longer exist as you can just drop $20.00 to obtain it (thus ruining the whole point of the armor as it no longer represents achieving a great feat.)

We all have our opinions, but calling mine stupid just because you’re willing to accept anti-consumer business practices as long as you enjoy the gameplay is no justification for it. If you disagree with something I have to say, at least try to see why I may feel that way.

Anywho, that’s really all I have to say on this matter at the moment.


Yep, similar here.

I buy only from GoG. I’m not against DRM, but when I buy something, I buy something and am not renting it. I sort of, maybe, thought, I bought the Duke World Tour on Steam. It sucked; and no hint that it will get fixed by the developer. Now, I can’t even give it away for free. It’s deleted from my hard drive. So what exactly did I buy? 0? Yes, I think so.

Since 1982, I had computer games for PC, and now, they are somewhere on a hard drive, and you need to be on line with your secret pass code to play them, so everyone knows how many hours you played what, yeah, oh and silly achievements. Sure, it’s the future, and the majority loves it. But I play single player only, and my very expensive comps are not connected to the internet, 24/7.

Back to the past maybe, a real chess set with a worthy opponent, or a ball with some peeps and play around a goal post; and a GoG game, when it’s cold outside, works for me.