Graphics issue with Bombshell

Yes, I’m sorry if it was already asked (I didn’t find it in the forums).
I set my graphics to lowest (because my computer can’t run the game on higher settings, apparently), and as soon as I hit ‘Apply’, the screen gets filled with artefacts (you know, those graphics glitches). I restart the game, everything’s fine, but after I launch the infoscreen (wrist computer?) the glitches return.
Is it an issue with my graphics card, or do I need some patch or something?

That sucks. I haven’t heard of this one specifically. You’ve got all the latest patches for the game? Out of curiosity, what are you running? AMD processor/graphics card?

Says it’s version 1.0.1, but I really ain’t sure about that (I’m not very tech savvy).
As to the graphics card, it says it’s Inter® HD Graphics video adapter, but again, I’m not sure if it’s what you’re asking.
Still, it’s most likely the graphics card.

I’m pretty sure that means you don’t have a dedicated graphics card, so that may explain why you’re having trouble.

Still, you should try to update the game, because that’s an old version. The current one is 1.2. It may not solve your problems, but it’s worth a try.

where do I get the latest patch?

If you bought it on GOG, go to Bombshell in your library and the patches will all be listed under the main game download files. If you’re on Steam it should be doing it automatically, unless you’ve got auto update turned off.

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