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How the console gaming(arcade devices could be still more popular outside Japan internationally just like in 80’s instead of VR gaming technology innovative improvements) might look like today if Microsoft’s Xbox subsided Sega’s Dreamcast? For sure(esports tournaments wouldn’t be popular like nowadays,yet) Sega Dreamcast might life(longer hardware official lifespan support) for a little bit way longer.…business/17610
Microsoft: Google Stadia will offer little content
In addition, the company lacks experience with games.
Mike Nichols - head of marketing at Microsoft - thinks that Stadia, an upcoming Google streaming service, will not offer the right amount of content. A representative of the group shared his thoughts with the editors of The Telegraph.

“Newly established competitors like Google have” cloud “infrastructure, and the community on YouTube, but they have no content,” said Nichols.

The manager also said that Google may have difficulty with the service because the company has only recently been dealing with games.
Recall that the team dealing with the Stake is headed by Phil Harrison - a veteran of the industry, previously occupying high positions at both Microsoft and Sony.

In addition, Google hired Jade Raymond, who heads the studio responsible for the production of games at Stadia. Among other things, she was the producer of the Assassin’s Creed series.

We know for certain that at Stadia we will launch Doom Eternal, an unveiled yet unveiling of the legendary FPS series. In addition, Google also presented the “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” operating thanks to the “cloud”. It seems Google Stadia will compete with Galaxy,Origin,Steam,Epic Games Store,UPlay,UbiStore,Xbox Live Arcade,Nintendo Network,Playstation Entertainment Network.Speaking of it when Rad Rodgers World One will be re-released on Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch?