German Mail Order or Retail Version of Realms Of Chaos?


Hello, is this the German Mail Order or Retail Version of Realms Of Chaos? It’s from CDV Software which did some mail order versions from apogee software in the past like crystal caves, secret agent and commander keen. But i’m not sure if Realms Of Chaos from CDV Software is a Mail order version or a Retail version because it’s from the mid 90’s and they did a version of doom 2 which i think was a retail version because i don’t think ID Software was doing Mail Orders by the time doom 2 came out. Here’s the box scans.


Hi Ted.
As far as I remember there weren’t CDV boxes available in stores.
You had to order them.

Not 100% sure if that was valid to all games they’ve published?
I’ll double check that - because they were really big at that time.

PS. I have this version :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s interesting because i have a feeling that this is the mail order version whereas Doom 2 published by CDV Software looks like it was a retail release.


Yes, DOOM 2 was retail.


Doom II was a bit more of a retail success than Realms of Chaos was. :slight_smile:


So is that confirmed? This version of Realms Of Chaos is the Mail Order one from Apogee’s Official Distributor in Germany from the 90s.


Is what confirmed? It’s really hard to tell - to be honest, the guy who handled these things back in the day is dead, and we can’t really confirm much. As far as I know the records don’t survive from his stuff.