Game crashes

game crashed about 3-4 times today. Said something about there was a problem with the video card driver and that it recovered successfully

Are you running with Turbulence (Nvidia Gameworks) on?
Try and turn it off, and run the game in DX9 mode.

Is Gameworks broken as well as dx11? You would think you could run it on a 970

Running a EVGA 970 here.
Have the game at maxed settings, DX11 with no issues.

What driver are you using with your card? And, did you do a clean install? Install it through GeForce Experience?
Also, if playing the game through Steam have you tried Verifying Game Cache?

The newest driver was the one released along side Rise of the Tomb Raider, 361.75.
If you are using this driver, you could try a clean reinstall. It could be possible for something to have gotten corrupted during the installation.

Just got done doing both of those and it still crashes. It crashes around the area where the guardians on the ice level say you can’t pass without a blessing. Looks like I’m stuck with DX9

Are you able to share you dump file with us? Just zip up the entire directory in \My Games\Bombshell

You can send it to along with your DxDiag info.


No, thank YOU :smirk: sent

Turned gameworks off running on dx9 mode and continues to crash

Just curious, was it crashing for you from the start, or did it begin on a certain level?

Like I said before, the ice level. I love this game, but it’s unfortunate I can’t continue playing it

Beta looks good guys! Still crashes though

Reformatted and doesn’t crash anymore finally. Guess it had to do something with Windows