Free DLC and Update 1.1 coming soon

On Steam is an announcement about an upcoming Patch 1.1 and a Free DLC. but no word here. So for all GoG users see below.

from the list (stuff I look forward to)

  • Complete control overhaul. Aiming is now extremely precise.
  • You can now bind all mouse and keyboard buttons, including mouse side buttons.
  • You can no longer die during cutscenes.

I say, thank you in advance. :kissing_heart:

I’m glad they didn’t give up on Bombshell.
They took the bad reviews (which were often unfair) and did something positive by tackling all valid criticism, even adding more on top.
I personally liked it already, so for me it’s free dlc :wink:
Good luck interceptors!

I saw this on Steam, too. It’s great news, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it. It sounds like massive improvements overall.

Hopefully some of the big websites and/or streamers that didn’t review it before will give it a chance now and get some positive buzz going. I also hope that the same sites that blasted it when it came out on PC give it another review when the console release comes out.

I’m really looking forward to this update. I just finished my first play through this morning and I’m pleased to hear the progression has been tweaked. So many awesome weapons and alt fires and I wasn’t able to upgrade anywhere near the maximum! (Play through ended at Level 14) Also stoked to hear the controls are being improved as I found mouse and keyboard very difficult and used my xbox one pad instead.

I’m also planning on buying a second time when it hits the PS4 and presumably this update will be applied from the beginning.

Loved this game!

Got around to installing the beta version of the update today. Haven’t played through to the later levels yet, but so far the changes have improved the experience. I’m happy the Kyrron “frogs” got nerfed, they were way too resilient for being one of the smallest creatures in the game! I never brought it up before, as I figured it was a deliberate quirk the devs had thrown in there, but I like it much better this way.

I loved the new dialogue on the White House level, and all the soldiers being named after 3DR staff was a nice touch (over 20 years at 3DR and Siegler is still a Private? What’s it take to get a promotion around here!? :wink:) The Abomination boss fight works perfectly now (I haven’t played the game that far since it was patched), and the improved money drops are greatly appreciated, as I’ve been able to upgrade many weapons consistently, rather than choosing one or two.

I’m looking forward to getting to the later levels, as that’s where the game-breaking bugs were on the initial release.

One tiny detail: for a while on the beta builds near the end of 2015, the title graphic (where the camera pans around Shelly locked in battle with the creatures) was in color. I thought it looked really good and suited the tone and style of the game more than the “gritty” black and white one now in place. It was also great to see those fantastic character models up close and in all their glory. Switching it back would be a nice change to accompany the ‘relaunch’ when the 1.1 patch goes live.

Anyway, enough ranting about aesthetic details! Great work, guys! THANK YOU!

I just got notified on GOG that I have received the 1.1 update to Bombshell. Co-incedentally my computer at home is currently downloading teh game on GOG Galaxy. So that is nice timing.

I played through the game last weekend with the 1.1 patch “beta,” and it was great. No real problems, I think it crashed on me once, but that could well have been something on my end.