Fred posted next Bombshell patch and console edition news

I just saw that Fred posted over on Steam yesterday. Looks like the next patch (1.3) will be significant, and be the version of the game that launches on consoles. The time frame isn’t given, it only says “in the following months.”

Here’s a link to the Steam post

I’ll copy & paste the patch notes directly from the original post below (hope that’s ok)

Features and Tweaks:

  • GDF Codex “Lore” section to be added to main- and pause menu.
    You’ll be able to read about enemies, weapons, worlds, and items, as you unlock them through your journey.
  • Mission Select section added to the main menu, including specific mission challenges, statistics, etc.
  • Abilities tweaked and balaced
  • Biohazard Icon changed
  • Ghostshell Icon changed
  • Enemy attack effects improved
  • Bombshell overall visuals improved to make her better stand out on the different worlds
  • Bigger and better visual effects for Bombshell
  • Controller movement responsibility improved
  • Minibosses are now tougher
  • Health Kits revamped. They are now more critical to the survival of Bombshell
  • Map and Character Upgrade Buttons swapped by default

Player HP and Armor system revamped. Values have been balanced, enemies
now drop Armor and Health orbs, that gives you a small boost. Visual
indicators have been drastically improved, and Bombshell now shows
different visual effect when loosing armor and health.

  • Attack on the Camp in Frozen Paradise has been improved, and made considerably more challenging
  • P.M.S has been balanced
  • Abomination Boss has been balanced

The shop has been improved with new features. You can now “Reset” your
Tech-Trees in a Shop. This will give you 50% of your KY back, spent on a
specific Tech-Tree. You’ll be able to re-spend the KY on other
Tech-Trees to try new weapon modifications.

  • More small enemies have been added overall, to increase the intensity of the battles.
  • Nhorr Proponents now have more health.
  • Executions are now faster, more dramatic and includes more gore!

Objectives now fade away, and only show when a quest updates. The
objectives can be brought up at any time by using the Map button.

  • Heskel Challenge 4 has been made more difficult.
  • You can now tap the “Y” button on the controller to Quick-swap between weapons. Holding “Y” brings up the weapons wheel.
  • Shellshock charge indicator added to show when you can fire the weapon.
  • HUD has been improved visually. The XP bar has been re-coloured and health, armor and XP are easier to read.


  • Missing subtitles for certain movies have been added.
  • Missing Death sounds for enemies added.
  • Respawn option (KY warning), removed from Boss fights and Shellshock missions.
  • Enemies reflecting bullets, now have flashing shields everytime a bullet is reflected.
  • Amiga no longer drains ammo when getting hurt by enemies.
  • P.M.S splash damage no longer hurts the player.
  • Animations for certain Kyrron creatues have been improved.
  • You can now skip the level-start screens with the controller.
  • Broken XP and Player Level in Shellshock missions have been fixed.
  • You can now scroll the through the map using the controller.
  • A timer has been added to timer-based Shellshock missions.
  • You can now use the “B” button on the controller to go “Back” in the Character menu, including the weapon upgrade menu.
  • Movement indicator will now stay on the ground when you jump.
  • Flytrap death improved.
  • Executions with floating weapons have been fixed.
  • Bindings showing up incorrect in the options menu, have been fixed.
  • Player will no longer “Jump” in the beginning of a level, if you use “Space” to skip a cutscene.
  • Armor, Energy and Armor now re-charges gradually (still fast), instead of appearing re-instantly.
  • A bug where you had to fire your primary fire, before you can use your secondary fire, has been fixed.
  • Ghost Shell that can’t be picked up in Frozen Paradise, has been fixed.
  • A door where you could get stuck in the Electrocutioner Heskel Challende, has been fixed.
  • Controller issue where multiple button presses would glitch the UI, and player controls, has been fixed.
  • Elevators not working in later levels, has been fixed.

This sounds more like the game people initially expected. I’ve honestly enjoyed it every step of the way, but it’s been great to see the game get better and better. Hopefully the set nature of console hardware will result in a rock-solid experience for players, and a commercially successful game for the studio. I also hope the big review sites will give the game another pass when it comes out on console.

Sweet! Guess I’ll be diving back into it soon!

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Thinking of another playthrough with the 3rd person view camera this time. As long as they nerf the railgun Ion Maiden, that is. I decimated the bosses on the second play w/ that seriously OP gun.

I still have not tried the 3rd person view. Given that it’s designed for isometric view, I’m not sure I’d want to play the whole game that way. I’ll try it on the White House level, since it’s small and I’ve got enemy locatons 100% memorized!

I have no issue playing the game in isometric view.

How smooth is it? Does it feel like a game that’s designed for that perspective, or does it feel like you’re using a cheat that’s forcing it?

I actually like you have it isometric view. I like how you have an overview of everything :smiley:

For some reason I read that as you having no problem with it in 3rd person. I don’t have a problem with isometric view, either. I like it.

BTW, if you follow the link to the Steam post screenshots of the Codex and Mission Select have been added.