First DN games on Zoom platform - legally?


Some time ago I’ve learned about new DRM-free games store, named Zoom (its Executive Chairmen’s name is probably familiar for some of you, because it’s Bernie Stolar, yup, the same guy who worked for Sega).

However, I didn’t pay attention to quite important detail - they’ve got in their offer first Duke Nukem games (1, 2 and 3D Atomic Edition, I gave link to the latter), as well as Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.

I’ve thought that all those games were withdrawn from digital distribution completely. Well, it’s not that I’m complaining (on the contrary)… But is it legal?


You’d have to ask Gearbox, since they own Duke now. It is odd that they’d make the Atomic Edition available elsewhere, when only the 20th Anniversary Edition is available on Steam (as far as I know).


FWIW, Apparently Scott Miller is involved in ZOOM, according to the about page. First I ever heard of the site though.


As Mark says, we have no control over Duke Nukem anymore. You’d have to ask Gearbox about that.


Ewww, Gearbox :grimacing: Ok, guessing that I’ll need to ask them anyway.

@Nukkus - Yeah, I admit that I’ve also learned about this website (Zoom) by accident. And I was strongly convinced that it’s functional since 2017, but I’ve taken a look on their news section and there were news from… 2014! And I’ve never heard about it earlier.


Yeah, Zoom-Platform has been around since 2014. They launched with the Duke Nukem games, you can read about them on:

What I found more interesting was this on 3DR’s Wikipedia: In 2017, 3D Realms announced a return to development with a ZOOM Platform partnership for Shadow Stalkers, expected in 2018 for PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.[17] Bernie Stolar and Jordan Freeman of ZOOM Platform, Scott Miller of 3D Realms, and actor Pierce Brosnan have been linked to the project.

When is more info on this coming? Feel like we should have heard more already, unless they are waiting for E3?