Fea' of the Da'k



The joke is already running on Youtube, blogs and previews of Ion Maiden. Powe’slave, Wasted Yea’s, Numbe’ of the Beast… One cannot simply unrelate the game from the iconic metal British band, Iron Maiden. I’m pretty sure it will be hard to get the musics into the soundtrack for obvious reasons, not only because it will be way too expensive to overcome the owning rights, but also because the band already have a (trashy) game known as Ed Hunter. And they will probably want to keep the OST exclusive.

But of course that won’t prevent us from asking @Joe3DR and the rest of the team: will be there any other references? Music riffs? Names of the levels? Hidden artwork? Eddie mentions, or maybe even enemies related to the mascot? I would love helping up with ideas.

'un to the Hills!