Favorite Bombshell Moment

Do you have a favorite Bombshell moment? If so, let us know!

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I love those references or jokes(don’t really care if it’s lame or not. :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Sadly, I still didn’t completed the game since I’m stuck at a personal situation about losing patients for checkpoint system-only games, Bomeshell isn’t the only one game affected.)

Favorite moment? Pretty much every time there was lot of action, guts and explosions.
If we’re talking one exact moment, then that would be secret test map.

The entire game pretty much :wink:

As far as gameplay goes, I still get a kick out of a well placed bowling bomb. The combination of the sound, visuals, and rumble in the controller is very satisfying.

The first time I found a secret area was a fun moment (still looking for others and having little luck!), and I always enjoy one-shot-killing enemies with my overpowered Ion Cannon!

I enjoy cut scenes in games, so every one of those was like a little gift as I played through the game. I wish there was more of them!

Oh yea, the bowling bomb. Such a great explosive weapon.

It’s good they kept cutscenes minimal. Cutscenes should always be a reward, and not have 'em everywhere like many other games out there.

That’s a good point, but it would have been nice to have a few more, or a few longer ones. Especially once you beat the game, as it just sort of unceremoniously ends. Maybe it’s a cost issue, which is understandable.

I don’t mind the lack of cutscenes. The game feels kind of oldschool that way.

True, but with some of the levels being so big, it would be nice to have the “reward,” as JenzAmaka said, of a full-on cut scene after each one, instead of simply porting into the next level. Just my opinion. I like Metal Gear Solid, so as you can imagine, my tolerance and enjoyment for cut scenes is way, way up there. :smile:

Hey, me too. I play a lot of modern games that often feel more like movies than games, so I don’t mind cutscenes either.
But in a game like Bombshell, I’m kinda glad there’s not too many of them, especially since the writing feels like it suits the format more as it is.