ETHER - A new EGA shooter


ETHER is an EGA sci-fi action/adventure run’n’gun platformer with AdLib sound effects and music by Norwegian retrowave/space synth composer Zone Tripper. Playing as a nameless female combat cyborg mercenary you land
on an alien world where a human colony has seemingly been overrun by hostile alien creatures. It is up to you to eradicate the alien menace and save the survivors, using your trusty gunarm and cyborg abilities. Heavily influenced by early 90’s EGA graphics as well as classics such as BlackThorne, B.O.B. and Metroid, Ether will be a total throwback DOS-inspired action-packed sci-fi adventure!

The game will be split into a trilogy of episodes, each episode offering a unique and distinct story and style.

Planned features:

  • EARN YOUR UPGRADES - In true mercenary fashion, you earn creds by killing and gathering credsticks in the levels. You can then spend your hard-earned creds on new weapon modes and system upgrades that, in some cases will be necessary to progress.

  • ARMED AND DANGEROUS - Upgrade your gunarm with different modes. Standard shots, rapid fire, bigger plasma rounds, proton grenades or sonic waves that penetrate walls. Don’t think these upgrades will make it any easier for you though as some of the later enemies and bosses WILL require superior firepower!

  • EGA GRAPHICS - Cutting edge 16-colour graphics that make the game come to life in a whole new way! With paralax scrolling and animated scenery, be ready to feel immersed in a living breathing planet that wants you dead!

  • ADLIB SOUND EFFECTS/MUSIC - Using the cutting edge AdLib sound card, the game features a full array of arcade-quality sound effects and a complete soundtrack composed by space synth pioneer Zone Tripper!

  • FULLY EXPLORABLE - After landing on the planet, you can go back and forth between levels as you see fit in true Metroid-inspired fashion. We plan to keep the entire game explorable from start to finish so you can always backtrack to the very first room if you so desire.

  • SECRETS GALORE - Like any early 90’s game, there WILL be tons of secrets and easter eggs for you to find!

No release date yet, but Episode 1 is expected to be completed in 2017.

Screenshots are from the current alpha build and does not necessarily reflect on the final game.

Please bear in mind the game is still really early in development and I’m not even close to having any public demos available but progress is going very nice so far. Hope you guys are interested in my little game. :slight_smile:

More info @

  • Alyxx and Nuked Protons devteam


Lookin good. Has that authentic look we all came to love. Success with your game!


Thanks. :slight_smile:
I’ll keep posting information as development continues.


I like. I like very much <3


Read that in Duke’s voice :smiley:


Good luck while you continue the development process! I look forward to seeing more.


Thanks, Mark. Progress is coming along very nicely.


Anyone interested in the development can subscribe to our blog at


Can we be expecting a gameplay video anytime soon?


I might do one when the second area is completed. But it’s really early in development atm and not all of the features I have planned are implemented yet or need polishing so I’m not sure how much I wanna show off already. But if the interest is there, I coud make one.


Will the full version of this game be free? Will there be cheats?


At the moment we’re planning a free release of the first episode and if the feedback is good enough, we’re gonna attempt selling it, but it depends entirely on the feedback given by people. The plan is to eventually make 3 episodes in total, regardless.

And yes. There will be cheats.


Some new updates on our blog:

Added new graphics, some new features (such as a dynamic camera, ability to aim up and down, crouching etc.) and we’re working on making the game a lot more action-oriented. So far it’s looking good. :sunglasses:


EGA in 2017, eh? Mad props for pushing the retro hard! :slight_smile:


Yep, working with groundbreaking graphics here. :smiley:


I’ve always maintained it’s not about graphics, it’s about good gameplay.

Hell, I still get a shitload of fun out of many old Atari 2600 games.


Yeah, naturally. But using EGA graphics definitely helps set it apart a bit… :wink: