E3 2016 Reactions


The first Watch_Dogs is one of Ubisoft’s best selling games.
It sold off the hype that came from early E3 demos. The sales numbers dropped off very quickly (specially PC wise) after it’s release.
But, initial sales were incredibly high. Breaking previous day one sales records for an Ubisoft title. And selling more then 4 million units it’s first week.

I was given a copy… and didn’t play it for more then maybe four hours.
I just didn’t find it fun to play.

Also, Aiden was an awful character. He wasn’t charismatic or engaging. And, going on this big revenge thing which… was his fault to begin with. Blaming others for the events that only happened because of shit he did.


They talked about the AC movie and showed a trailer, so it wasn’t 100% AC free.

They did show an interesting game called Steep that allows you to ski, snowboard, wing-suit, and parachute (I think) down/around models of the French alps.

Probably not a “tentpole” game, but something new among the usual shooters, etc.