E3 2016 Reactions


What did everyone think of E3? Share your opinions!

Generally speaking I was underwhelmed this year. Almost everything had already been revealed, most of it at last year’s show.

I was surprised to see a new Quake announced so soon after a new Doom. Resident Evil 7 was unexpected, but I have little interest in a first person game designed for VR. Ubisoft’s Steep interests me, if only because it’s something different. As a huge Kojima Fan I was over the moon to have him show something, but it’s just a concept teaser. That game is probably 2 years out.

For Xbox One: I don’t currently own one, but I’ll probably pick up the new “S” model. I’ve never played the Gears of War games, but I liked what I saw of the 4th one. ReCore still looks really interesting, too. I actually cooled somewhat on Scalebound. The gameplay demos I saw of it did absolutely nothing for me.

For PS4: The Spider-Man game from Insomniac was a nice surprise. Look forward to seeing more of that. Horizon: Zero Dawn still looks awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. NieR Automata seems to be coming along nicely, and looks like it melds the aesthetic of the original with the best of Platinum’s action.

For PC: I was happy to see more of two Warhammer 40k titles, Dawn of War III, and Neocore’s Inquisitor. Seemed really light on PC exclusives this year, but I’ve likely missed a whole lot of the show. Reporting is pretty awful, everyone covers the same 15 AAA games to death, and all the other stuff gets pushed to the side.


I’m not really counting on Gears 4 anyway. If you pre order Gears 4, you would get the previous 4 Gears for 360. Bah.

Aside from Bethesda’s showcase, nothing else interested me.


Resident Evil 7 isn’t designed for only VR.
It’s a first person survival horror game. It started development in 2014, and while they were in development… they made the decision to also develop it for VR.
The game was then adapted to VR afterwards.

This new take for Resident Evil is great, and is a much needed change. Specially after the pile that was RE6. That game is absolutely horrid.
They took fan reaction to it very seriously, and went into RE7 with the intentions of taking it back to a strong horror theme and setting.
Going first person was one of the first things they decided on in early pre-production in 2013. The game also differs from other first person horror games, in that it does feature combat. You are able to defend yourself and fight back.
Also, the game is set in the same universe as the previous games. It’s just telling a smaller, different story. It also won’t feature any of the main characters from previous games. It will have it’s own cast of new characters.
And the playable demo is not part of the full game. It was made specifically to show the atmosphere they are aiming for.

I’m a massive RE fan, and I’ve been horribly disappointed in the series for a long time. RE7’s announcement was the high point of this E3 for me.
I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. It’s easily becoming one of my most anticipated games.

Other then RE7… this E3 was pretty lackluster IMO.
Bethesda’s conference was rather bland. I’d love a new Quake… but, not a MP only focused one like this. And, remember how “happy” people were about DOOM’s MP as it was outsourced to Certain Affinity, because of their history working on HALO and CoD games?
This new Quake is being worked on by Saber Interactive. Who’s most recent work has been… the HALO series.

DisHonored II looks badass though. Loved the first one, so, naturally I can’t wait for this new one.
Also, PREY, while different… I’m still very interested. I love Arkane and their work. So, I’m definitely down for this. And since Bethesda didn’t release the PREY 2 Human Head were working on, I’d rather they start over completely instead of trying to rip some poor life out of that project.

Lets see…
Mafia III still looks awesome. It’s gameplay was great. Same with Deus Ex and Shadow Warrior 2.
Gears 4 looks good, and so awesome for it’s Win10 announcement.
But, I was thrilled to get a release date for the new South Park game. Can’t wait for that. We Happy Few looks wonderfully twisted.

Titanfall 2… I need to see more of. I’m glad they are doing a campaign this time, but since I’m a single player only gamer, I need a lot more info and footage of that.
Same with BF1. I like the switch to a faux-historical themed game. But, DICE are normally crap with campaigns. So… I have pretty low expectations for it.
The new CoD surprisingly looked really good. But, it’s hard to get excited for a new Call of Duty. Specially after Infinity Ward’s last entry, Ghosts.

Croteam’s announcement was a major disappointment.
I was hoping for Serious Sam 4 news, and instead they announced a Serious Sam VR project. I’m glad they clarified on Twitter instantly after that Sam4 is still being worked on heavily. But, still… that’s all I care about from them.

I think that’s my feelings.
RE7 was my top take away. Can’t wait. A few others I was already into (Mafia III and such) were great to see. And a couple release date announcements I really liked.
Overall… a pretty weak E3. But, not surprising since some publishers didn’t even attend, and others like EA and Nintendo had a very small presence.


I think fans are going to be disappointed with RE7, they did say that the game will be more like 1 than what was teased in the demo, which is a bit misleading.

I guess they were trying to make the Silent Hills PT lightning strike twice.

It was a pretty lacklustre E3 this year.


Titanfall 2 looks like Titanfall 1 with a very uninteresting story campaign. Can’t say I am super hyped for it, especially after the disappointment of Titanfall 1 and how they fucked up the game in the later patches.

Dishonored 2 looks okay. Given I love the first game I might get it.

Quake Champions I was really disappointed by. Not only does it seem like they are rushing out a Quake game after Doom’s success, it’s a multiplayer only shooter. Hopefully it will be a better online game than Doom’s multiplayer mode but I would rather have a proper single player remake of Quake 1 with disturbing Lovecraftian locales and enemies and lore than yet another multiplayer-only shooter. And given they showed no gameplay, I don’t have much to say really, other than that I’m just disappointed.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare still looks really cool from a campaign perspective but the lack of co-op and any interesting features really doesn’t win me over much. That being said I did really enjoy Ghosts’ campaign, so I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it. I’ll of course buy it, given that’s just what I do every year, but I’m a bit on the fence about it.

Prey looks intriguing. That’s all i can say for now, given they showed no actual gameplay footage.

Mass Effect: Andromeda I am super hyped for, especially seeing stuff like the Mako again and a bigger focus on space exploration which was something I adored in the first game. It looks like it’s going to be a game to get absolutely lost in so I can’t wait for it.

Dead Rising 4 - Another zombie game. I’ll pass.

Battlefield 1 I have little to no interest in given my lack of interest for WW1 and WW2 based shooters. I am not really interested in shooters based on real life scenarios and have more of an affinity for stuff that is fictional or futuristic. It looks okay but rather boring to me, but it’s definitely gonna please an audience, just not for me.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Been hyped for this ever since it was revealed last year. It looks to be an amazing experience so far and I can’t wait to play it.

Watch Dogs 2 looks kinda underwhelming so far. I didn’t like the douchy hiphop music in the trailer either and it just looked kinda… stupid. Might be a fun game though, I did enjoy the first game a lot after all.


VR and various leaks ruined a lot of E3 in my opinion. I watch the Sony and Bethesda shows and Sony clearly had the best offering. Quake and Prey are both disappointments but it’s nice to see DOOM is getting more post launch support.


I agree. Regardless of whether it was developed with VR in mind first or not, the 1st person view just doesn’t interest me. The series has always been 3rd person view, and that’s how I like it. Regardless, the
changes will give people who have scoffed at the games after RE4 a chance to return to the series without losing face. @Damien_Azreal, that’s a general comment, I’m not dissing you personally! If other people get something out of this, great, but I don’t think it’ll be for me. The 1st person perspective ruined Alien:Isolation for me, and I suspect it’ll do the same here.

Everyone rags on RE6, but the numbers don’t support the overwhelming negative hype. For one example, if you look at the Steam Spy numbers, there’s more people playing RE6 than any other RE game. If I recall correctly, it’s also one of the highest selling Capcom titles of all time.

While it’s entirely valid to ask how many people bought it super cheap on sale years later, it still doesn’t explain why there’s currently more people playing it than other RE titles. The Revelations games are entirely action oriented, too, but somehow those have been pretty well received. If everyone wants a return to limited ammunition, more horror and atmosphere, why wasn’t The Evil Within a bigger hit? Simply because the story didn’t stack up? No. Because all the critics and internet haters amount to, what? A few thousand people? 10 thousand? Hardly a good cross-section of consumers when you’re aiming to sell to millions.

I’m not implying that RE6 is perfect, and they should have kept making the games just like that, but I think they’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater here.


I was surprised they outsourced it. I thought Quake was kind of a sacred cow in the gaming community, sends and odd message if id doesn’t work on it themselves. Maybe that’s a naive view of game development, I don’t know.


I don’t have high hopes for it at all to be honest. Hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised at least.


That seems to be the general feel. I’ve actually never played any of them, but I remember when Quake was all the rage. I heard “esports” mentioned a couple times during the press thing for it. Everyone seems to want a piece of that esports pie…


I’m not. Bethesda want a stack in the competitive MP ground.
They don’t have that right now. DOOM was their first attempt at getting in there, and it didn’t work.

And while id is working to support DOOM, they’ve brought in Saber to help a small team at id to churn out this MP only PC only Quake game that’s more HALO + Overwatch then it will ever be Quake.

Also @Mark I really don’t think you can use sales numbers as a way to judge how good a game is.
That’s like people saying a movie is good because opening weekend numbers are high. That’s horribly flawed logic.
Yeah, a lot of people bought RE6, because it’s the new Resident Evil.

And, a lot of people I know have bought RE6 out of a morbid curiosity. They hear how bad it is, don’t believe it because it’s RE… and buy it. And the most common thing I’ve heard after such an act, “Yeah, it’s garbage”.
And, while Revelations may have a strong action vibe through it. It’s much closer in tone to RE4 then either 5 or 6 ever were. 4 has a strong action vibe in it, but also a strong focus on atmosphere, a horror setting and story.
RE6 plays like a poor man’s lazy attempt at Gears of War. It’s clunky, feels unfinished. That’s is it’s biggest issue. Not that it’s action heavy.
That it just doesn’t feel good to play. The over-reliance on QTE, the clunky player movement and combat. Broken AI. Horribly dumb team AI.
While RE5 was a meh RE, it was a good action game. RE6… is a shit RE game and a horribly flawed action game.

And, I’m seeing a ton of positive reception to RE7 from a lot of Resident Evil fans. The most common thread I’ve seen… people happy the series is getting a new spin.


Did Ubisoft make the right call to not do an AC game this year?

Didn’t pay much attention to their E3 conference.


They announced last year they weren’t doing an Assassin’s Creed game in 2016.

They were giving more time to the development cycle to really look at the series and see what they needed to do to improve it.


I am interested in Watch Dogs 2, the first wasn’t a bad game, just mediocre and i am not being suckered into buying the collectors edition this time.


Never finished the first one.
Found it boring and forgettable. Bad writing, awful characters… add in the shoddy condition of the PC port at release.

And, then the footage they showed of the sequel. They seriously need to decide what kind of game they want it to be. Giantbomb commented on this wonderfully during the demo.
In a lot of ways, it looks like they want it to be fun, campy and over the top. Like a Saints Row Lite type game. But, then they get into dialog or a cutscene… and it plays itself far too seriously.

Zero interest in this.
Really, the only thing coming from Ubisoft for me is South Park’s new game.


I agree; I’m not stating it’s good, I’m saying in spite of all the criticism there’s a lot of people still putting time into it. Obviously plenty of people aren’t entirely put off by it. Operation Racoon City was much more clunky than RE6, and I was still able to get some enjoyment out of it. I guess I’m an unconditional fan, which is why I’ll try RE7 regardless, even if I think I won’t like it.

I don’t see or feel much similarity between RE4 and Revelations. RE4 being a modernization of the original formula, REV being a modern 3rd person action game. For me it’s a completely different experience.

Regarding Quake and esports, is there really that much money to be had? It seems like there’s a handful of games that are really successful on the esports front, and everyone else is just speculating that it’ll continue to grow.


I need to see more of the story before I get interested in WD2. So far it didn’t really grab me.


I guess the first one sold well in spite of itself. The few people I know that played it seemed to have “meh” to “it’s okay” reactions.

Honestly, there’s so many people out there obsessed with “open world anti-social simulators,” as I call them, that it’ll probably move enough copies to justify a full-on franchise.


I loved the first game in terms of story and gameplay. I really liked that it wasn’t anything super epic, but was grounded in just trying to keep the remnants of a family together while getting revenge on whoever fucked him over. I dunno, I found that really touching personally.

And the gameplay was addictive and I liked to just get lost in the city at times.

Dunno why everyone hated on WD1 so much, I love it.


I’ve never played it, so I dunno! I typically avoid open world games, as they’ve never really clicked with me. Also, it was set in Chicago, and I can’t stand that city. :wink: