Duke3d Atomic Parental Lock Help


I have my original disk for Duke 3d Atomic edition but i bought it from Target and it has the parental lock enabled,

I was able to get it to unlock back when i bought it from a patch file, but i have lost that file i used for it and tried patching it again.

I got 3 different patches from http://www.dukertcm.com/knowledge-base/downloads-rtcm/duke3d-patchs/ but all 3 it dosent apply the patch.

I am running it in a dosbox .74 window, the game runs fine but the patch just dosent take.

I think i haft to do it in a real dos system.

If anybody has any advice plese let me know.


dnsepat.exe should be the one that you want.

It’s a WinZip Self-Extractor so you’ll need to open it in Windows. Extract the files to any convenient spot (like your Desktop), and then copy the two files (DNSEPAT.SHR and INSTALL.EXE) to your DOSBox programs folder. Run INSTALL.EXE in DOSBox and follow the instructions in it to update your copy to the real version of the game.


I have done that but for some reason it errors out and dosent patch the game.
Ill try to get a screen shot.


Here are the pictures






finish 2






could it be my symantec antivirus causing it to error.


Hmm, that’s really strange. Sorry I couldn’t help.


Another option is to go to duke4 and get a free copy of the original Duke 3D on GoG, from Yatta.
Yes, this is legal, he bought a lot of Duke Nukem 3D from GoG, and gives them to whoever wants/needs one.