Duke Nukum - original mail order version value?

In 1992, I bought Duke Nukum - all 3 episodes direct from Apogee. While digging through my stuff, I found the original envelope it arrived in plus the invoice (Salesperson was Kevin?), plus the original diskette and bonus and 3 coloured paper flyers including a flyer advertising the upcoming release of Wolfenstein 3-D.

Are these items something I could maybe make some money on? My invoice shows I paid $35 dollars back in 1992. Is it worth the same or more (or less)? Collectable or not?


Would you be willing to sell them to me?
I am in the process of archiving everything Apogee I can get my hands on, and have a museum I’m building up for it :slight_smile:

This is a picture of what I have.

Cool. Send you a message.

Welcome, askelly35. Hope you enjoy the forums. I’ve been a member since the 1990’s when it was still Apogee and have gotten lots of good advice, on both technical issues as well as game play. :slightly_smiling_face: