Duke Nukem's Top Secret Assignment (New Duke Nukem Video Game?)


We last saw Duke Nukem fighting alongside the heroes of 3D Realms. After this memorable Anthology poster and justice league like adventure, Duke obviously was called away to work on another case due to the lawsuit. What do you people think Duke’s next assignment/mission will be about?


I assume something like that Duke Begins that was mentioned a long time ago will be the thing. Duke on an early assignment. Downside would be that you probably couldn’t use enemies from Duke3D, since that was the first time he encountered them.

It may be an unpopular opinion, but I hope they dial Duke back a little. Make him more like an '80s action hero without all of the crude stuff. Or at least make it funnier.


I expect it will be, at least compared to DNF. I can’t imagine anyone releasing a game like that in the current critical climate.