Duke Nukem: Music to Score By 2


Duke’s soundtrack album was pretty good, rap music aside. Can’t beat a bit of Megadeth, Stabbing Westward, and so on. The rap felt a bit out of place, though. Rock and Metal suits The King fine, though some Electronica tracks would have been a nice inclusion.

I’m curious to know what the playlist would be if Duke had a second album. ‘Grabbag’ won’t be going anywhere, that’s for sure. What do you suggest?

Joe, I’m guessing you’d add some Sabbath to the mix? ‘Embryo’ is my favourite song of theirs! :wink:


I loved the Duke album. Agree the rap/hiphop felt a bit out of place but it was probably included to sell more CD’s as it was the hot stuff at the time.
If a new album was made I would’ve loved to see the new Grabbag theme from DNF as well as some of the tracks used in the trailers for DNF, like “Invaders Must Die” by Prodigy.


I can definitely see Prodigy fitting in with it. I love a bit of Rob/White Zombie, so I’d pick ‘Superbeast [Girl on a Motorcycle Mix]’. The original felt more Satanic, while this one sounds like boss battle music or a track to play during a car chase. Head-banging stuff right there. Then again, ‘El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama [Wine, Women and Song Mix]’ is a great combination of shredding guitars and groovy beats. The remix album is pretty much filled with music for love-making, so it’s only appropriate.

Also, Rammstein’s ‘Feuer Frei!’ Because explosions.


Yeah, definitely some Rammstein would fit. :wink:


Actually, scratch that. Duke’s immense patriotism could only be captured in Rammstein’s ‘Amerika’! “Coca Cola, sometimes war!”


Well, any Rammstein would fit really.


I thought Rammstein was a German band?

I’d go for some Five Finger Death Punch for a second Duke soundtrack. :slight_smile:


Rammstein is indeed German, but why wouldn’t their badass, baritone-voiced tracks end up on Duke’s playlist? :wink:

Nice choice! I gotta check out more of FFDP.

Also, Type O Negative, ‘My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend’. I don’t think I need to explain why, ha ha.


Well, “Duke’s immense patriotism” and German band don’t seem to fit for me.


Respectfully disagree; it’s possible to love one’s country but admire some fantastic bands from others. We ARE talking about Rammstein, after all. :slight_smile:

Deep baritone vocals, shredding guitars, thumping beats and delicious synths…I think that’d be right up Duke’s alley; the kind of stuff that’d be perfect for awesome battles, or…“after-parties” following said battle.


Hey, just because a band is German doesn’t mean it can’t be on a Duke soundtrack imo.

Either way, I would definitely love to see a new Duke soundtrack, hopefully with less hiphop/rap.