Download link broken for Stargunner


This is a message to whatever 3D Realms employees manage the website. This isn’t a post for the end-user community to respond to. It is to notify 3D Realms of a broken link on their download page.

The freeware download for the legacy game Stargunner is broken. The link is but Fileshack doesn’t exist. I mean the entire site doesn’t exist. So any links to them are broken. Please host this file on your FTP server. I want to download it, but I can’t as long as the link is broken.


Try this link:


I just tried it. That worked, but it’s not the link provided on the actual legacy downloads page The link provided on the legacy downloads page is the Fileshack link.


The Legacy 3DR site is just that, “Legacy”. It’s not the active 3DR site, and as such is not maintained anymore.
It, much like the old 3DR forums, is still around to be viewed and browsed, mostly for history and nostalgia.

As SCPM showed, there are other means of accessing these files.
Such as the new which has a complete listing of it’s games. Including Stargunner, with a download link.
You will need to create an account.

Also, 3DR has always been a forum/environment heavily built around users helping users.
More often then not, when asking for help here, the users will respond far quicker then a 3DR employee will, as the employees are very busy.

Specially since the issue here was not really an issue. The game is still up, with a page on the new 3DR website.
The Legacy site, is just a look back at the old 3DR before the closure in 2009. History for us nostalgic old timers. :slight_smile:


At least the links should still work. Like the above posted FTP link, is the link they should be using instead of Fileshack on that legacy page. I don’t even now how the above user discovered the FTP link, because it’s not found anywhere else on the site.


The links did work back when that was the official site. Because Fileshack was still around.
But, things change.
The Legacy site is out of date, no longer updated. And it has been that way for some time.

That’s why there are new game pages on the new 3DRealms website.