Dos + Win98

Once upon a time, back around the turn of the century, i set up a computer to run both Dos and Windows '98. that computer has now died. I am in the process of rebuilding so that I can play several old, mostly Apogee, games. Back in the day, I got the tech advice on how to do this from a file on Apogee’s site. IIRC, the things needing to be done were:

  1. Change a file in windows so that the system didn’t load Windows on boot-up.
  2. Edit Autoexec.bat & Config.sys so that Dos displayed a menu at boot, from which I could choose, among other things, to boot to Dos or Windows.

I have looked this site over and haven’t found that old help file. Would someone be so kind as to post the details to jog my fading memory?
Thank you

As you prefer to use native DOS, suggesting that you use DOSBox would be out of the question.

Current operating systems have an option to run the game in compatibility mode, but that doesn’t work too well.

Our old tech stuff is still there.

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Thank You. Not sure why I didn’t find that before.
One question: ISTR there was a note about windows98 requiring one more step than win95? I guess I’ll figure it out. Hopefully once I get into it, the rust will blow off the neurons holding the data. Now to go find the TweakUI utility the file recommends.[if I do, I’ll come back and post a link here for the benefit of other fossils :slight_smile: ]

Hank 55, keeper of ancient computers


Yeah, there’s a lot of games from the '90s that I don’t feel like getting rid of, either. Bought an old IBM PC 340 off of eBay for the DOS games, and a Dell OptiPlex GX110 for the Win 9x/Win32 games (games that otherwise wouldn’t even play on Windows 10, either because they require a native 32-bit OS, or are designed for FAT32 only, and not NTFS). Maxed both those out to the most they both can use, and don’t regret that move.

Yet, DOSBox exists. Works on any OS, doesn’t matter the HDD formatting used.

Actually, I’m not quite sure I’m going ahead on the dual boot. I just put win '98 on an old hard drive and hooked it up to my not-quite-as-old desktop, which I’m planning on replacing or upgrading sometime in the near (but indeterminate) future.
I also have an old Dell with a Pentium2 cpu I picked up for a song about 15 years ago which currently runs all my old DOS stuff. I’m just getting a bit worried about it’s lifespan. Heck, it’s got all my old ISA cards in it! Even on that I have to use MoSlo for some of the old (non-apogee) DOS games.
I was also thinking it would probably be a good idea to have a 2nd installation; as the gods alone know how much longer some of the old floppies I have sitting around will be readable!
For most things in RL I use a Linux (Debian) system on my main desktop altho I do have a laptop running Win 7 I picked up for college work on my latest return to school…

Yeah, I know DOSBox, but at the same time, it’s still kinda buggy, and not the best substitute for native hardware and MS-DOS 6.22. :wink:

I have a DOS computer that runs 2.11.

Bio Menace was a mess. It was the only game that we had to use the stacks command in config.sys for. It had a lot of tech problems.

So much so, the DOSBox guys (who I was quite friendly with) told me that Bio Menace was one of the few games they had to put special programming in for. Apparently Bio Menace was so bad with that stuff, it almost broke DOSBox itself! :slight_smile: