Doctor Who pinball game Kickstarter


War Doctor would be cool. Against my better judgement, I doubled my pledge, too. It’s over $40k now, with 6 days left. It’ll be close, I think.


It’s funded! I changed my backing a second time last night. w00t! :slight_smile:


Looks like the email they sent out yesterday really helped ($15,000+ in one day)! I’m glad they pulled it off again! :slight_smile:


It’s awesome if it is funded but a sad reality of kickstarter are troll pledges that get cancelled at the last minute meaning that the game doesn’t get the funds.

I just upped my pledge $5.


They’re over 60k right now, so I doubt there’s a chance of that happening.


I’ve only done five things on Kickstarter. Four funded - the one that didn’t was Tom Hall’s game, which I’m still pissed off about.


I got Farsight to come to the Gallifrey one convention, and they dropped off flyers and so on.

Here are my pics:


Great photos! Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see a variety of cosplay, but I’d expect that in England. Over here all I ever see are the “new” Doctors, and an occasional Tom Baker Doctor. I’ve certainly never seen anyone as Ace!


Actually, the Gallifrey One convention is held at the LAX Marriott Hotel just a few blocks from the Los Angeles Airport. It’s the largest Who convention in America. The reason Farsight was able to send someone with flyers and a poster is that they are in Big Bear, CA. Tickets will be up in May for the 2017 show, and its likely Farsight will be there with an original Who pinball table for people to play.


Ha! Don’t I look like a dummy! Well, shame on me, and good on all of them! It’s nice to see some Americans are actually fans of the show beyond the new stuff.