Doctor Who pinball game Kickstarter


I don’t have anything to do with the developer, but there’s a Kickstarter going to digitize the 1991 Doctor Who pinball table. I know Joe is a big fan of Who, I am, and I am hoping I’m not the only one.

Previously, they developers have digitized Star Trek The Next Generation, the Twilight Zone, Terminator 2, and the Addams Family tables. You can find the title The Pinball Arcade on Steam and try the tables for free to see what you would be getting for $7.


I’ve been following this, and I’ll probably contribute a few bucks. I’ve recently started playing Pinball Arcade and have been enjoying it.


I reckon i have played the actual Dr Who pinball machine at my local takeaway shop, i have contributed $15 but i doubt they will raise enough money.


It seems to be going slowly. I’m not really part of that community, but based on some of the comments on the campaign page, it looks like there might be some fatigue setting in on their main fanbase. They’ve run a few of these campaigns now, and the core group may be tired of contributing. Such is crowdfunding.


It is strange, Dr Who has a massive following and the table was extremely popular so it should have a lot more backers.


They have a Scared Stiff machine in this video. That’s the machine we had at the old 3DR. Loved that one.




That’s one of the ones I’ve been playing, along with Elvira and the Party Monsters and Star Trek TNG. I’m terrible, but it’s fun.


I’ve been a fan for years of the app. Scared Stiff is one of my favorite tables on the app. Glad the thread has met with an appreciative audience.


Looks like Farsight have dropped their asking amount, it sucks there are so many good tables that are based on movies but if their campaign is unsuccessful i doubt that they will do another KS campaign.


What was it before? I guess I wasn’t paying attention, as I thought it was initially $50,000. Now it’s showing $54,364 (oddly specific number).

I just backed it. Hopefully they’re able to close the gap in the last 10 days, but it seems like a long way to go.


Even after four close calls, FarSight still seems to do a pretty bad job at marketing their Kickstarters. At least they seem to be updating this one a little more often than they did for The Addams Family, but it looks like the Doctor Who table might be the first one that fails to get funded.


Naturally. The one I backed. :slight_smile:


I thought they were asking for about $74k.


Ok, I read through the campaign page again-- $72,000 is what it’ll cost, but I guess they had leftover money from the Addams Family campaign, so they put that towards the Doctor Who one. I assumed that was the case from the beginning. Were they asking for $72,000 when it started?


I think so, i am not 100% certain though.


No, the Kickstarter goal was always $54,364 ($72,000 licensing fee - $17,636 excess funds from The Addams Family Kickstarter).


Cool update today.

We have some VERY exciting news!

If we reach our goal, in ADDITION to our re-creation of the 1992 Bally classic, we will be able to create a new REGENERATED Doctor Who table!

This new table will be based on the original machine’s design. However, in our updated version, we’ll be allowed to redo all of the graphics and audio by including the latest doctors and new material from the show! We will also update the art style of the table, add new lighting features, and build in a couple new toys to make it the most intense “mod” ever of a Doctor Who table – real or digital!

We’ve added new tiers that include backers getting the Bally version and early access to this new version of the table.

We seriously still need your help, though. If we don’t meet our campaign goal, we’re not going to be able to add either table. Please tell your friends who are fans of Doctor Who, past and present, about this really cool campaign.


I was surprised to read the update, as a table with newer Doctors would presumably mean more licensing fees. I’m not really in a position to pledge any more, but I’d like to see what they come up with. I would love to see Paul McGann’s Doctor on there!


War Doctor? :slightly_smiling:

I doubled my pledge.