Death Rally DOS Version?


Hi all. I’ve been putting together a DOS super-rig with all of the shareware/commercial games that I own but have come to realize that I only have the freeware Windows release of Death Rally. Even the 3D Realms Anthology came with the Windows version instead of the original DOS version of the game.

My question is: is it even possible to get a copy of the DOS version of Death Rally besides picking up a disc on ebay?


Cheers Flaose,
Have you downloaded the installer just for Death Rally directly from your 3D Realms account? It appears to be the DOSBox version to me, here’s a screenshot of the installed folder contents:


Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately I bought the 3D Realms Anthology on Steam, which seems to be have the Windows version of Death Rally instead of the DOS version that’s included when bought directly from Good to know the DOS version is available (even if it means I’ll have to buy it again :yum:).


Looks like it’s not even possible to buy the dos version anymore.


Well, it looks like it’s not available individually anymore, seems the only way to get it is by buying the whole 3D Realms Arcade Collection:

Still, it’s not a bad price for all that stuff.


Not a bad price, no, but considering I’ve purchased all of the (still commercial) games at least two or three times over the years it’s a bit of a hard sell.


Maybe write an email to their support with proof of purchase or a screenshot of your Steam library.
They might be kind enough to unlock the game/ collection on your 3DR store account.

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You can buy Death Rally (DOS) from 3DRealms here:



Possibly compose an email to their help with verification of procurement or a screen capture of your Steam library. Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi

They may be sufficiently thoughtful to open the amusement/accumulation on your 3DR store account.