Crystal Caves Source Code



Does the Crystal Caves source code still exist? I searched for it on Google, and this is all I found from an interview with creator Frank Maddin in 2005:

Is there a chance that the source code of
Crystal Caves and Secret Agent is going to be released?
(from memsys)

I suppose there is always a chance, if I could find
    the pieces. And it would involve Apogee.

EDIT: After more thorough searching, I found these:"crystal+caves"+source"crystal+caves"+source

Welp, I guess that answers that.


Yeah, from a purely legal standpoint, you can’t release what you didn’t create or have a license to do so.

Those precompiled libraries would likely stop it from being released, but I also haven’t looked into it in a decade. Not sure what the legal aspect of that would be in 2016. :slight_smile:


Crystal Caves totally needs more love :wink:


I wonder what those precompiled libraries do.
Displaying PCX graphics? Smooth scrolling?


I’d have to ask Frank. I wouldn’t know.



I loved Secret Agent as a child and I’d like to do a remake.

I found this little gem and given I’m also a jvm dev I’m gonna try to give it a refresh and make it more modern and rich

If anyone want to join, don’t hesitate


I’m working on it here


I’m curios to see what your plans are and what you’re going to do with this.


My main goal is to have fun, other than that: porting it to kotlin, upgrading lwjgl 2 to 3 and gettind read of awt/swing.

Long term is to push further, improve AI, add new entities and maybe try 2.5D?