Crystal Caves Disk. Which year is this from?


Hello, does any one know which year this Crystal Caves Disk is from? The Apogee logo being in black and white might indicate that it’s from the late 90’s or early 2000’s but i’m not sure. Thanks.


Kind of hard to tell as there’s no way to date these.

The original labels from the early days were color. Black and white label means it’s a latter day issue.

We did issue a v1.01 patch for Cystal Caves on Oct 24, 2005, though. Whether that made it to floppy disc distribution, I can’t recall right now.

Towards the end of our selling floppy discs direct from HQ, we were printing them as need be. there wasn’t a ton of orders, so when we got one, we would make a copy, we didn’t have hundreds of them sitting around like the old days. This sort of looks like one of those. But truly impossible to tell.


Does the disk still work?
What date are the files from?


I’m not sure. It was just an image i found on the web.


Ahhhh… ok… I thought you own it :slight_smile: