Commander Keen: Aliens ate my babysitter single disk version?



Would every one know if there was ever a single disk version for retail or otherwise? The retail version usually has 2 disks.

Please let me know. Thanks


My “Aliens” game, bought retail about 20 years ago consisted of two disks. I don’t know of any single-disk versions. Both “Aliens” and “Goodbye Galaxy” boxed games included the bonus disk “Secret of the Oracle.”

Sorry I couldn’t be of help. :anguished:


So does the first disk contain the full game? Secret of the oracle is located on the second disk?


“Aliens” is on two disks. The third disk is “Secret of the Oracle” “Goodbye Galaxy” contains two disks: “Secret of the Oracle” or Episode 4 of the Keen series, and “The Armageddon Machine” or Episode 5 of the series. “Secret” is included with “Aliens” as a bonus game. So there is a “Secret” disk in each set. My favorite of the series is “The Armageddon Machine.” As I recall “Aliens” ties up the series, and there is another Keen game called “Keen Dreams,” which lacks some of the special features of the others. Others here may give more information about the earliest Keen games, Episodes 1-3, which I never cared much for.

My daughters are hoping I will keep all of my classic game disks. We played them 25-30 years ago when they were kids. We still play them sometimes on my old '95 when they come around. Surely someone will have some of these classics they want to sell. The thing is, if you sell or give these games to anyone, you have to uninstall them from your PC, due to copyright laws, which I believe are still in effect. Wishing you best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope my explanation wasn’t too confusing. :roll_eyes: Honestly, I don’t understand about copyright laws myself. You can give a book or CD away and these are also copyrighted materials. I just don’t understand what difference it makes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you ask questions like this it would be wise to mention the disks itself:
Are we talking about the 5.25 disks or 3.5 disks version?

FIRST - disk format

5.25-inch floppy diskettes come in sizes of
360 KB double-density (5.25 DD) and
1.2 MB high density (5.25 HD).

3.5-inch floppy diskettes come in sizes of
720 KB low-density (3.5 LD),
1.44 MB high density capacity (3.5 HD),
or extended density disk capable of holding 2.88 MB.

So DEPENDING on the USED disks (5.25 or 3.5 plus their format) the total number of disks needed for the games files can be different!
Means the SAME game released on 3.5 HD and 3.5 LD disks will (can) have a different number of included disks!!

SECOND - game resolution

The game was released as CGA-only too (at least it could be ordered when sending your original disks back).
CGA is an older / a lower graphic mode (CGA -> EGA -> VGA) so the needed files are smaller -> so they could fit on less disks when the other game files aren’t that big in total.
This COULD result in the fact that a game on two disks (e.g. EGA/ VGA resolution) suddenly fits on one disk (CGA resolution).
So maybe the guy offering you a single disk has the rare CGA Version?

As you see… a lot is possible in terms of used disks for Apogee / Keen games.
An overview showing which game was released on which disks (format) would be helpful but I doubt it exists.

Third - rarity

You tired of looking and tired of the high prices?
I can understand both but… Keen games are very demanded in general right now.
Aliens Ate My Babysitter! and Keen Dreams are very rare.
If you find one cheap you could consider yourself super lucky!
The ‘disks only’ shouldn’t be as expensive as a ‘complete in box copy’ of course but a seller who knows what he is selling won’t give them away for free.