Change of address delivery Ion Maiden big box!


Hello everyone,
I bought the Ion Maiden version in big box but the delivery address is not good,
I would like to know how to change it?


I have my proof of purchase with the order number


That was a bot. Ignore those posts, please.
Hopefully someone from 3D Realms will respond, within this century. :roll_eyes:


thank you yet I sent several emails to 3D Realms but no response​:sob::sob::sob:


I have the same problem now, moved from Canada (Toronto) to the US (NYC).
Congratulation, peeps (3D Realms junk), you just lost a customer, like in forever!!
Sure, the mighty big box, eventually may returned to the point origin, some where in no man’s land.
Bottom line, never deal with euro garbage, i.e this junk outfit.



We are sorry for the late replies. At the moment we are trying to improve the communication between 3D Realms and forum users.

In regards to the address delivery changes, you can send an email at : with your full name, order number, old adress and new adress where you would like your order to be shipped to and we will take care of it.

Thank you for your patience!


That’s it Hank.
We simply don’t tolerate toxic behavior on these forums. One thing is complaints, but when it turns into harassment it becomes unacceptable.