CCaves and Word Rescue Not Working


Couldn’t find a technical issues forum, so I’ll address my problem here. I bought Crystal Caves and Word Rescue around 2014 and was able to load and run them and all their separate parts fine. Now when I try to load and run them, I’m advised that the games will not run on my Win 7. Both of these games came installed as DOSBOX files. I never had to adjust the compatibility in Properties for either one. Is there anything I can do to make these games work?


Aside from installing Dosbox itself? The games come with Doxbox wrappers.


Yes, I am aware that they come with Doxbox wrappers. So what could be the problem? :thinking:


I use Chrome for email and most online activity, since around three years ago, when MS started acting up and giving me all kinds of problems. I don’t know if using Chrome is contributing to my problems with CCaves and Word Rescue.