Brilliant Idea


As already shown on Steam and duke4, the ‘floppy’ for Ion Maiden!
Wow - just wow


This is really cool. I hope I’m able to get one!


You and I both.
If they (3D Realms) keep unearthing irrelevant or even failed art, that garbage is even on Steam, for ever, we may never see the intended game.


I don’t think the discussion surrounding that is going to have an impact one way or another. I hope not, anyway.

I have my opinions about it, but it’s not that big of a deal at the end of the day.


Shut up and take my money!


I highly appreciate the fact that some physical release is in preparation but… Floppy Disk format seems to be very uncomfortable/inconvenient to use. I would gladly buy physical release with CD-ROM version (which IMO would perfectly merge nostalgic vibe of old retail PC games releases and possibility to use it in practice), I’m not so sure about floppy disk release.


@ MartiusR - Did you watch the video? It’s a Floppy Disk, yes, but with a modern twist. :grinning:


Aaah, ok, now I get it :slight_smile:

(but anyway, CD form is more appealing for me in terms of “aesthetic”, but at least now I’ve got the reason to go with “floppy” disk relase anyway)


Daaaamn, this floppy makes me hard!