Boxed copies?


Does anyone know if Monster Bash, or Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure had US big boxed copies? I am currently trying to make a video on Cosmo, but haven’t found any info on any Formgen big box on it; most I’ve seen which were only released in Canada and Europe. All I have for both games is one of those Formgen released jewel cases with the game in it and a small insert. I’ve asked several people who collect these games too and they also told me that they more than likely wasn’t any other US release aside from the jewel case/CD version.


I know you weren’t asking for these, but I have big boxes for Commander Keen: “Secret of the Oracle,” “Goodbye Galaxy” and “Aliens Ate My Babysitter.” I also have the big box for “Hocus Pocus,” and some non Apogee/3dRealms games: “Lost Vikings,” and “Sam and Max Hit the Road.” The floppies in these packages are useless, but I’m keeping the whole packages for my offspring, who might find them to be valuable in the future. :smiley_cat:



Monster Bash:
only a shareware box was officially released in the US
full registered version was CD-only

full registered version was CD-only

So no - no big boxes for those two games if you’re looking for the full registered version.
Well… you know Apogee used the generic black+blue boxes for mail order games for quite a while, do you?
These are big and both games came in those.


(very late reply, I have not been keeping up with this as much as I should have)

But yes, I do know of those and have been dreaming of getting one for quite some time :wink: