Bombshell - The Prequel

First seen on duke4

Does anyone here know when the Demo will be available for the proud Bombshell Digital Deluxe Edition owners?

I rather see a stand alone release.

Well, I’d rather get what was promised.
A demo is just that, a demo. Obviously the actual game is stand alone and comes after said demo.

Was this in part with DNF & No Man’s Sky releases?

That would be awesome to get that demo

Wow, that’s looking good. Can’t wait to play it.

Was it a demo, or access to a “beta” that was promised with the Bombshell Digital Deluxe version?

I’ve got Bombshell via GoG, and there it was and still is an offer for a Demo, estimated for last quarter of 2016.
Steam peeps get beta access.

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Retro gaming done right! Looks rad! Can’t wait to play this.

Oh, cool. I’ve got it at both locations, so I guess I’m set!

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here is another snap shot from the project.

and the link from twitter

Voidpoint issued another snap shot from the game

once more the source

Looking at the details, awesome stuff. :sunny: