Bombshell Soundtrack

Bombshell’s Digital Deluxe edition includes the biggest soundtrack 3D Realms has ever produced. Here’s the official theme off the 42-track mega-album!

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Yeah, and real sick music in it - Abomination for one, the drums are catching, so in The Grisly Truth …

Anyway, got it from GoG, need to get familiar with controls to do damage with Bombshell, but very pleased with the first hour of play.

Thanks Interceptor :sunglasses:


Thanks Hank. I’ll make sure and show that to Andrew. I actually got done listening to it myself this afternoon. Some really good stuff in there.

Glad you like the music and the game. The abomination track was a real bitch to put together but it came out nicely! Hope the game is treating you well.

The soundtrack is really great. Probably the best part of the game, but that’s said by somebody, who haven’t played it through yet. :slight_smile:
I bought both Steam and GOG deluxe.
Steam de luxe version comes currently with flac, no mp3 music. GOG de luxe version has both mp3 and flac versions.


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I can imagine - also the demo tracks are almost ready for Radio play!?! In my not so humble opinion.
Hopefully we will hear more from you, down the road. :relaxed:

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We’re glad you like it, Hank!

By the way, does anyone know the artist/song that plays in the Bombshell credits? It’s not listed in the credits, which I found odd, and doing a search on some of the lyrics turned up nothing.

Her name is Diana Salvatore and we licensed the music from her because we thought it was just amazing :slight_smile: She also did a number for the TV series Orphan Black.

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True but you can always just convert flac to mp3…

Thank you! She is great, I’ll be looking into her work more.