Bombshell 1.1 + Free Shellshock DLC is finally here!

We’ve listened and here is what we’re doing about it!

Hi Guys!

As most of you know, after the Bombshell release we’ve been doing extensive analysis of all reviews (Both good and bad), all user reviews, and comments from the Steam community and our forums.

We’re happy to announce that we’re finally done with Bombshell 1.1, which will address a host of issue we’ve found that you’ve fed back on. Everything from balancing, new features, complete overhauls of certain gameplay mechanics, etc.

And it’s massive! Tons of bugfixes, brand new features and a new free DLC included called “Shellshock Missions”.

The new 1.1 Update will now download automatically!
We’ve created a new subforum for Feedback and Bugs related to 1.1.

We hope you’ll enjoy all the great new features!

Below you’ll find a list of all the new things we’ve added to 1.1:

New Features, Tweaks, Bugfixes, and Additions:

  • Overall enemy placement and “Filler Areas” have been drastically improved.
  • Default Camera is zoomed out 25% more.
  • Complete control overhaul. Aiming is now extremely precise.
  • Enemies will only shoot at you while being on screen.
  • Enemy XP and Moneydrops increased.
  • All levels now have an “Exit” sign at the extit of the level.
  • Directional Pointer (Controller) have been raised.
  • Kyrron Drift Bruisers now have a bigger hitbox.
  • Hovering mouse over enemies will indicate which enemy you point at.
  • Camera Peek Tutorial added to B1.
  • You’ll now be able to shoot at jumping enemies just as they jump or land.
  • You can now hold the Fire button to continously fire even when performing other actions such as abilities.
  • Primary and Secondary objectives are now colorcoded on the minimap.
  • NPC’s now appear on minimaps.
  • You can now bind all mouse and keyboard buttons, including mouse side buttons.
  • New controller layouts added.
  • Arrow added to Minimap, pointing in the direction of the main objective.
  • C1 minimap fixed.
  • New Crosshairs added for all weapons.
  • New option added to enable “Camera relative to movement” for mouse/keyboard players.
  • New option added to hide the objectives UI element.
  • New option added to enable a new HUD called “Minimalist”.
  • New option added to disable Oneliners.
  • You can no longer detonate a bowling right as you throw it, to avoid blowing yourself up.
  • The game will now automatically switch between Controller Mode and mouse/keyboard by touching either the controller or the mouse/keyboard.
  • Hard Mode is now unlocked from the start.
  • Hard Mode difficulty has been tweaked.
  • The chance of Kyrron Scampers burying underground has been tweaked.
  • XP / Money rewards after solving quests will now trigger after conversations, instead of at the start of a conversation.
  • In rare occurrences some enemies would previously stand still without being able to fight. This has been fixed.
  • Respawning after dying no longer happens at the checkpoint. Instead you’ll now respawn at the death location, with time-based invincibility. If you fall off a ledge you’ll restart at the checkpoint.
  • Steam Trading Cards added.
  • Jump indicator added. The indicator appears below Bombshell when jumping, to indicate where you will land.
  • You can no longer die during cutscenes.
  • A particle effect will now appear on Bombshell when leveling up.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Ghost Shell.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Accelerator Boots.
  • Tutorial Mission added for Enemy Aim-Lock.
  • Weapon descriptions have been updated.
  • Shellshock now has a Charge-Up effect.
  • Broken achivements now working.
  • You can now Zoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel.
    You can also Zoom in and out in the Options menu.
  • Kyrron Scampers now have lower health.
  • Weapon sounds improved.
  • Laser Sight added by default for Mouse/Keyboard controls.
  • Upgrades are now cheaper, to allow faster progression.
  • Weapon upgrades now require a lower level character.
  • Weapon Ammo Capacity has been doubled for most weapons.
  • The Mouse Deadzone has been tweaked to allow faster aiming.
  • Force Feedback can now be turned off.
  • All Weapons and Stats have been tweaked and balanced.
  • If you pick up 2 Power Enhancers in succession the second Power Enhancer will add to the timer.
  • The Continue Button in the main menu has now been moved to the top. This will make it easier and faster getting into the game.
  • Air Control has been re-worked completely, and is now more precise.
  • Player can no longer re-spawn in mid air, if getting killed while standing on a moving platform.

Free DLC Added:

  • New Shellshock Challenges DLC added.
    The Shellshock missions are Tron-Style Challenge missions, which can be unlocked sequencally.

We’re extremely happy for all the feedback and reviews.
Often, the bad reviews will weigh heavier than the positive, and we wanted to use that to improve as a studio.

We <3 you guys for all the support!


I’m curious what you mean by “filler areas,” because I didn’t notice any difference when I played it through again. All the side quests that I remembered were still in there, and everything was where it was before.

Have you enjoyed the update?

Yes! It plays wonderfully. No bugs for me, and I was able to get right through previous problem areas.

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