Are there cheat codes?

You were also requesting a level warp.
Press tab to bring up the console, then use following command:

start map_name

Map Names

Thank you again.
I just tried them. They work fine. And my enjoyment has been massively increased.



Be aware that cheat codes will disable achievements and effectively mark your save game as a “cheat”. Just a standard disclaimer :smile:

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Ouch Mike, guess I ruined his current playthrough :innocent:

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Of course not. I play games primary because of the fun - that’s the reason for the first part of my nickname. Disabling achivements for cheated games is as far as i know standard for nowadays games and was expected by me. The cheats are a welcome compensation for my problems of controlling the game.


Save games aren’t marked as cheated - current session is (restarting from checkpoint or game will reset switch to original state and allow achievements again).

As this game has no multiplayer (yet?) you could use a trainer, this still allows achievements. I wont give any links to trainers as i am not too sure what the devs stance on them are.

Once you’ve finished the game. There’s also AITestMap level which you can get all weapons, ton of money and etc. Oh and also little easter egg


I couldn’t wait for finishing it, of course. I went in the test level and looked at the abandoned Bombshell model and heard the John St John line. :sunglasses:


Apparently there is a cheat that you can use to play the whole game in third person mode. Havent tried it yet but you should just bring up the console (tab) and type tpp

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Made a video about it too.


I tried it. And like that feature very much.
Many thanks for sharing that cheat!


Edit: I started to search the web for unreal console commands and to try them out.
“behindview” is a good addition to “tpp”: you won’t see the playerbody on the screen anymore. Makes it look more like a FPS. It has some weird effects when shooting though. You see the weapon flying in the air in front of you.

Pressing Tab and then entering “showhud” removes all HUD elements from the screen.

Oh, very nice easteregg. been a while since I saw the old Bombshell model! xD
Also thanks for spoiling ;-)[quote=“JenzAmaka, post:11, topic:129, full:true”]
Once you’ve finished the game. There’s also AITestMap level which you can get all weapons, ton of money and etc. Oh and also little easter egg

not working on latest version? help!!

It’s been removed as a standard feature but you can re-enable it by doing this:

Open ShellGame.ini (in /My Games/Bombshell/ShellGame/Config) and change enableConsole=false to enableConsole=true - should work

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Did they close off access to that Test Map? I just tried getting to it with no luck.

They removed it for some reason. I guess they did that to prevent players getting max money and stuff? Shame. That’s why you gotta backup everything because devs usually start to remove all sort of fun stuff later down the line.

I still have the map file though. I could upload it if Devs are okay with it.

what’s the difference between god and demigod? o.O

Only one way to find out… :wink: