Anyone play the DOOM multiplayer?


[quote=WedgeBob]Probably going to be seeing what Memorial Day weekend brings, in terms
of sales on DOOM. This is one of those times that I learn my lesson,
and NOT buy the game right on launch week/launch day. After Doom 3, I
can probably hope that this installment of DOOM will redeem itself.[/quote]
In my opinion it improves a lot of what the problem with Doom 3 was. It’s a lot faster, combat is a lot more fluid and it doesn’t just feel like a Half-Life clone. Campaign is pretty awesome so far.


Maybe a few bucks off on PC version, but I’d be surprised to see any sort of significant price drop that close to launch.

I like what I’ve seen so far, so I may pick it up this week.


I’ve put about 9 hours into it so far. And it is easily one of the best shooters I’ve played in some time.
A definite throw back to the older 90s era of FPS design. Maze like level design, key hunting, waves of enemies.

You find a puzzle… answer normally is… “Shoot it”.
Over the past few years some of my favorites “classic” style FPS have been BulletStorm, Serious Sam 3, Shadow Warrior… and even Wolf:TNO/TOB in some ways.

DOOM is far more classic FPS then any of those.

Also… finally got some pictures of the Collector’s Edition Revenant Statue.
Here’s the entire thing. Statue, box and steelbook case…

Statue itself…

Statue in the dark, with the led light on… (not a great picture, actually… a pretty awful one)

And, currently, were I have it sitting…


I agree, it’s oldschool as ■■■■ but still feels really fresh and modern at the same time.


I did a virus scan on my computer and it seems to have cleared up my performance issues, i can not run the game on ultra settings @ 1080p.

As a bonus here is a pic of my statue and case with other gaming stuff.


Sounds like you had a virus eating up resources then. Always good to make sure your PC is clean in any case.


The only infected files on my PC were a couple of Realtek audio driver files that somehow got infected.

I might try to bump up the resolution to 1440p and see what performance i get.


I won’t be playing the game any time soon as I don’t yet have a PS4, but I will get one this year probably. No rush. :slight_smile:
But I wanted to share my Revenant Statue images…
Clickable thumbnails…



Damn, you’ve got a ton of Doom stuff!


Pulled the trigger on the Doom PC version yesterday from Newegg, so we’ll be expecting it probably the middle of the week.


It’s $35.99 on Steam right now for the summer sale (until July 4, I think).

Edit: But I see now you’ve already bought it! :smile:


I did, but I’m looking for motivation to actually start playing. I can see that AltimaMantoid did a live blind stream of it, but it’s like…an almost 12 hour video. Let’s hope he breaks it down into parts to make it more watchable without the length of time. And yes, I bought this from Newegg a few weeks back, and have it installed (better to have a physical copy of Doom, even though it’ll be installed through Steam, anyway).


No, but I’m sometimes playing Meltdown :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: