Anyone play the DOOM multiplayer?


Did anyone here get to play the DOOM multiplayer beta/stress test last week? I didn’t, but I was curious to get some feedback. I was surprised at the overwhelmingly negative response on Steam, and was wondering if there was anything to the complaints, or if it was just hollow complaining.


I played a fair bit and found it fun and kinda oldschool… No idea why everyone is bashing it…


Played it, just to get an idea on game movement and performance.
I hate MP. I find it boring, tedious and find myself completely unmotivated to even “try” while playing.

So, after checking out performance and such, I uninstalled it.

I also can’t make any comments on how good/bad it was.
Regardless of how much I love a game, I have never enjoyed the MP that accompanies it.
Games like FEAR, Prey, Quake 2… and countless others. Absolutely love their campaigns. But, MP for each one… bores the hell out of me.

I’ll be getting Doom in three weeks when it’s released.
But, I will never be touching the MP. Tis why I love Shadow Warrior’s reboot, or the past two Wolfenstein titles. Campaign only.


I’m generally not too big on competitive multiplayer, either. I’ll wait and see some gameplay of the campaign before I buy. If it’s more like the old games, I may get it. I wasn’t into the survival-horror style of Doom 3 as much.


Bethesda will doing a Twitch stream of the campaign on Wednesday, the 27th.


Hell yeah! I’ll be watching that…


They did a Twitch stream of the Doom Snapmap today.
It’s not an aspect of the game I’m really excited for, but… I am curious. And it definitely looks interesting.


I’ll be sure to look into that. Thanks for the heads-up.


Single player twitch streamed this morning.

Can be watched here.


I watched a few minutes of it, and I liked what I saw. No aiming down sights, for one, which is huge for me. Seems like you’ll be able to carry all your weapons at once, which is nice too. I may not get it day one, but I’ll probably give a go at some point.


Aiming down sights means nothing to me. If a game has it, spiffy, if it doesn’t have it… spiffy.
That does not make or break a game to me.

What makes Doom look so great to me… is one, the visual design of it. I absolutely LOVE how it looks.
The combat seems very chunky and heavy… which I love.
And, it’s not the same tired real world military crap again and again.

Shooters for me should be different, strange and out there. Give me monsters, demons, aliens… other worldly and odd enemies to fight. Mutants and undead.
Doom looks to really, completely embrace the fact that it’s enemies don’t need to be human. And I LOVE it for it.


Agreed. If other people enjoy Call of Duty/Battlefield, more power to 'em, but they’ve never been interesting games to me.


Aim down sights doesn’t bother me even the slightest.
Some games I use it, others I don’t. The new Shadow Warrior offered it for some weapons, but I only ever used it for the crossbow.

I mean no offense, but, I think it’s a bit foolish to skip a game simply because it uses such a feature.
Singularity, all three of the previous Wolfenstein titles, SW 2013, RAGE, BulletStorm, Borderlands… and on and on. All have aim down sights.
All… awesome.

Hell, Doom 3 has a weapon zoom feature (similar to FEAR’s) and a lot of people never knew it was even there. :slight_smile:

I see it as being similar to those that skipped out on Dead Space 3 just because it had coop. Or didn’t bother with Fallout 4 because it’s RPG elements are more stream lined.
There’s still great games there.

As for Doom, the more and more they talk about it… the more excited I get. Two more weeks. And I simply can’t f******* wait. Everything about it looks awesome. Single player wise.
Snapmap may be fun… who knows yet.

MP I will never touch. So, couldn’t care less that it was outsourced to another studio. But, you can tell from the footage that id made the campaign. Looks so much more polished and solid.


It’s just a personal preference. I feel it’s a completely pointless addition. Every “innovation” I’ve ever seen in FPS games are simply there to add artificial depth to a genre that is completely superficial. I’ve seldom found any FPS game particularly interesting from a design perspective. Even ones that I hold in high regard, like Half-Life 2. If I’m playing it, it’s because I want to blast the crap out of stuff, pure and simple.

Just my opinion, I don’t expect it to be a popular one.


Having ADS doesn’t stop you from killing shit. It just adds more diversity to the combat and makes the gunplay feel less static…


That’s what I mean-I like it static, simple, straightforward. Adding anything more than crouch and jump is too much for me! :grin:


My Collector’s Edition is here. Bonnie brought it home from work.
The Revenant statue looks fucking awesome. The LED lights in it are red, and the detail and paint on the statue looks really, really good.

I registered my key on Steam, and now it’s downloading. So, I shall leave for work in a bit… and tonight when I get home I shall play. :slight_smile:


Dude. No pictures? Seriously? :slight_smile:


I will.
I made that post this morning right before I walked out the door for work.

Got home tonight about 8:30… started playing, just now stopped three hours later. :slight_smile:
I’ll get some pics of it up soon.


Probably going to be seeing what Memorial Day weekend brings, in terms of sales on DOOM. This is one of those times that I learn my lesson, and NOT buy the game right on launch week/launch day. After Doom 3, I can probably hope that this installment of DOOM will redeem itself.