Android app to pc emulator harmful?


Hello, can anyone please explain to me DO EMULATORS HARMFUL to your pc or not? because i tried to install bluestacks and nox player so my kids can play android games to my computer but it somehow slowed down my pc. much appreciated if anyone here can help me thank you.



Emulators are not inherently harmful for your PC. I run many emulators on my machines for playing retro video games and as long as you stick with reputable, open source emulators your PC will be safe (for the most part, some emulators are not malicious but are vulnerable to bugs and hacked game copies (or ROMs), that can then execute abritrary code on your machine.)

However, Android emulators at the moment are extremely shady. BlueStacks, for instance, was found to be bundled with a Bitcoin miner (something that uses your computer resources to make them money, in a nutshell.) This is malicious and definitely will slow your computer down. Nox also has been found making some shady server calls.

Right now the Android emulation scene is super shakey so I’d avoid it for now. Maybe get a cheap Amazon tablet or something for games, they run for $50 last I checked. Nox appears to be the least bad of the bunch but it’s up to you if you want to risk it