About boxed Ion Maiden


At this moment, they’re no longer available, however according to the website they will be available again.

And here is my question - I’ve noticed that digital preorders were rewarded with 10% discount… But only for steam version of the game. Why not GOG’s version? Are you going to fix it during next “batch” of physical version?

Second question - did you considered releasing also some more “basic” version in physical release? Something like just DVD with game in slim case with instruction booklet inside? I admit that I consider physical versions of games (if they’re “independent”, not just box for steam/origin/uplay code) as very attractive, “current” boxed version is very rich inside, but the price (100$+shipping) can be the boarder hard to pass by some of us.


The pre-order offered a 10% discount for Steam owners because they were able to link and verify to the users Steam account.
GoG does not offer a way to link your account there to outside sites/services.

And, they’ve said future versions of the Big Box release will most likely feature different items in the box, at a reduced price.


I missed out on the founders edition, I hope there’s another big boxed version of the game. Just that cover art is really old-school and awesome!