A Visual History of Bombshell

As many of you know, Bombshell is not a new character. She was originally concieved back in the mid '90s, before the development of Duke Nukem Forever began. Back then, she started her journey towards a character as fan fiction in the Command & Conquer universe.

We’ve dug deep into our archives, and have posted a Visual History of the character. It starts back in the mid 90’s and including various design photos from back then all the way up to 2018.

Join us in looking back at this character’s journey from its earliest conception until now in her latest games, “Bombshell” & “Ion Maiden”.


Is it bad I love the 1997 concept art? :wink:


Very cool! I had not seen most of those. Those 1998 ones take me back to the comic book art that was common at the time. Half the stuff Imaged comics put out had characters that looked like that!

The models from Bombshell, especially that bust shot of Shelly, really shows how great the model is. I’ve said several times before how disappointed I was with the lighting they settled on for all the cut scenes, which obscured everything. I wish I had saved video of the cut scenes from the closed beta, because they really popped before they turned the lights way down.

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There’s also this one, but Fred didn’t want me to put it in the article. :slight_smile:


I may be one of the few who actually kinda liked it. But the finished model is a lot better.

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Why not? It’s just another step in the evolution of the character. Just because that trailer didn’t go over well when it was released doesn’t mean they should disown it.

I’d even like it if that version of the character was playable. Maybe unlocked after you beat the game on hard or something. They could use the audio from the original voice actress when you play with that model.

They could even make up a model for one of the Pam Anderson/Barb Wire inspired ones and include that, too! Get Pam herself to voice it! You can call it Bombshell: Ultimate Super Final Legacy Edition (a.k.a. 1.3).

Ok, maybe I’m getting carried away here… :dopefish:

That would be awesome, though…

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Luckily the 2018 Ion Maiden is something I can accept, without risking a gender identity issue whilst playing this video game.

Interesting to see the history, but none would warm my heart. Even in the so called good old days, a tramp was a tramp, in my books. I have not changed. I prefer my gals, tough and smart.

I remember the backlash from this reveal, I’m really glad they’ve iterated upon the design. Shelly’s final design is my favorite one. And, despite all the bugs, I had fun playing through the game.

I dunno. I wanted to put there. Don’t ask me. :wink:

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Hello everyone, MartiusR here, it’s my first post (I’m from Poland and I’m active PC player since about 20 years - time flies like crazy!).

Now, regarding the article - I like the brief history of Bombshell character in form of comparison (even if presented pictures are not always “comparable”). I just don’t like that there was mentioned so many times “oh emphasis of sexualization”. Ok, some of the early pictures were showing definitelly too small amount of clothes on Shelly (let me call her with this name even if she wasn’t considered back then to have this name yet, aside from Bombshell monikier), but rest of them? Seems rather fine for some action game, especially in Duke Nukem’s style (where Duke was archetypical type of “macho”, very fond on young and pretty ladies etc. I don’t feel that it’s necessary to make this way of “manifestation” of political correctness (“there was emphasis of sexualization, BUT WE GET RID OF IT!”).

Aside from that aspect - I like how SHelly is looking in Ion Maiden and I’m really eager to play in full version of it (made a pre-order on GOG), I’ve recently finished both demo campaign of Ion Maiden and whole Bombshell (bought it on GOG as well), and I can’t wait for having more fun with Shelley in full version of Ion Maiden.

(sad thing is, that despite the fact that I don’t think that Bombshell is a bad game, after finishing it I’ve got an impression that it didn’t brought me nowhere near as much fun as most of the “top-down” shooter I’ve played so far)

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