9 Disks with Mail Order Apogee Game?


Hello, I just bought a Boxed Mail Order Classic Apogee Game from a Collector. He said it has 9 Disks, do you know what that Game could be? Thanks.


I don’t remember us shipping games that required nine floppy discs.

You bought something without knowing what it is?


I found out what the game is. It’s Rise Of The Triad plus some bonus games.


If I remember right, ROTT on floppy disc was seven discs?


Yeah I think so. Was that the biggest Apogee Game on Floppy Disk or did Duke Nukem 3D have more floppy disks?


Was Duke Nukem 3D ever released on floppies? I always assumed it was only released on CD-ROM…


Duke3D was never released on floppy discs. I THINK that ROTT was the last game we released on floppy disc. I’d have to look at the archives to find out for sure.

Pretty sure ROTT on floppy disc was the largest we did.


Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen Duke 3D on floppy disks…


There’s someone on The Game Collector’s Market website who has Duke Nukem 3D on Floppy discs with the ‘3D Realms/Apogee’ Mail Order Box version.


Well, that’s not from us.


He must have the CD version then.


I have the Duke3D shareware on floppy,5 disks, but it was a Freds Favorites release. Local shareware house from Dartmouth, NS. RIP shareware.


Shareware is another thing entirely. The full registered version was never released on floppies to my knowledge.


I never saw Duke3D on floppies, either. The copy I owned was on CD, but I bought that 2-3 years after it released.


A member on this website has the Mail Order version of Duke Nukem 3D on Floppies from Apogee Software. This is what he said in response to a similar topic.

"That is the same artwork as the box I got from 3D Realms when I bought Duke Nukem 3D on floppies. Mine is a two sided box with 3D Realms logo and quote “Reality is our game.” on one side, with the opposite side being the Apogee logo with “Apogee means Action!” below it. One side panel is as shown in the post above (by BaratusKX2) and the opposite side panel are games sold under the Apogee brand. (Ravager, Xenophage, Stargunner, Realms of Chaos and Rise of the Triad)
Also the box surface is watermarked on all sides with many games (if not all) from Apogee/3D Realms.


Therefore Duke Nukem 3D Mail Order Version from Apogee/3D Realms does exist on the 3.5" Floppy Disks.


It wasn’t on floppies. We had stopped doing floppies by then.

Also, I recently found my retail ROTT box with floppies in it. There were five.


They are not the retail version disks. I used to have them, the Rise Of The Triad Text is in Red not Black. The image you posted here of the disks is the Mail Order version. Get your facts right.

Here is the Retail version by Formgen:


Yeah I guess there’s a difference between the mailorder 3D Realms releases and the Formgen retail releases.


“get my facts straight?” I worked there on the game!

The discs I posted a picture of were ones we shipped from Apogee directly.

However, the box I took the discs out of was a retail box. Prints of labels changed. Just cuz what you got doesn’t mean that’s what was in EVERY box. :slight_smile:


lol, this is true. I’d rather take your word for it. :stuck_out_tongue: