3DRealms doesn't respond to emails?

Hi guys,

Terribly sorry if this is the wrong area on the forum to discuss this, but I don’t know where else to as I only just signed up to the forums.

I’ve pre-ordered a big box edition of Ion Fury, but I never received a confirmation email from 3DRealms, which I find a bit suspicious. I have emailed them a total of 3 times (on their hello@3drealms.com email address) about this now over a span of 14 days and have not received an answer from them on those emails either. Am I missing something here? Would love to get a response from 3DRealms promptly, as this is some of the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced and I’m very disappointed to say the least. Anybody here knows how to actually get in contact with them? I can’t be the only one who this happened to.

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Did you get a reply to this?

If not, please get in touch with us on the Customer Service Channel on Discord, or send another email to hello@3drealms.com

Thanks for replying. No, I haven’t. I’m not on Discord, so I just sent another email. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks!